6 Tips For Road Roller Rolling

1. Whether rolling uphill or rolling downhill, the driving wheel of the road roller should be behind. Doing so has the following advantages.

2. Whether it is going uphill or downhill, the bottom layer of the asphalt mixture must be clean and dry, and the asphalt binding layer must be sprayed to prevent the mixture from slipping during rolling.

3. When going uphill, the rear driving wheel can bear the driving force provided by the ramp and the machine itself, and the front wheel performs preliminary compaction on the road surface to withstand the large shear force generated by the driving wheel.

4. When going downhill, the impact force generated by the self-weight of the road roller is offset by the braking of the driving wheel. Only the mixture rolled by the front wheel has the ability to support the rear driving wheel to generate shearing force.

5. When rolling uphill, the roller should start, stop and accelerate smoothly to avoid too high or too low speed.

6. Before rolling uphill, the mixture should be cooled to the specified minimum temperature, and then static pre-compression should be performed. When the temperature of the mixture drops to the lower limit (120°C), vibration compaction should be used.

7. Avoid sudden shifting and braking when rolling downhill.

8. When rolling downhill on a steep slope, use a light-duty road roller for pre-compression, and then use a heavy-duty road roller or vibratory road roller for compaction.


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