After reading these, you will understand that it is no wonder that the sales of small road rollers are so large

There are two types of road rollers: walk-behind two-wheel road rollers and seat-mounted road rollers, and the engines are divided into diesel engines and gasoline engines.


Used for municipal and highway pavement maintenance operations, and also suitable for trench foundations and pipe trench backfilling.

At present, the small road rollers produced in China are divided into walk-behind single-wheel road rollers. Small-scale road rollers are also called walk-behind road rollers for compaction operations in construction and square construction projects, and rolling lawns. The sales volume in the market is also very large, why?

According to the practical data provided by the actual construction site, the compaction technology has the following performance characteristics.

1. Wider requirements for the water content of fillers

The road roller has a wide requirement on the moisture content of the filler, which can be relaxed by 3%-5% in the upper and lower directions. Basically, after backfilling the natural soil, it can be rolled, especially in arid or semi-arid areas, its advantages are more obvious. In these areas, the natural water content of the filler is very low, and some are almost 0%-1%. It can be rolled by an impact roller with only a small amount of water on the surface, which greatly reduces the water used for compaction and reduces the construction cost.

2. The filling thickness is large and the influence depth is large

The road roller can be directly rolled on the original ground (old road) for packing and rolling. The thickness of each layer of packing is more than 0.6-1m, which replaces the methods of excavation and soil replacement, and thin-layer rolling, and improves the construction efficiency.

3. Fast compaction and high efficiency

The compaction area per hour of the small road roller is 4 times that of the traditional road roller, and its compaction volume is 8 times that of the traditional road roller, which can give full play to the fast function of rolling construction in large operation sites.


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