Application and Protection of Compaction Cycle of Small Road Roller

Operators of type roller construction machinery should receive professional training and specific guidance from the manufacturer, fully understand the layout and function of the machinery, and obtain certain operation and maintenance experience before operating the machinery. The construction machinery manual produced by the roller manufacturer is an indispensable material for the operator to operate the equipment.

Pay special attention to the running load when running in. The half operating load during the break-in period should not exceed 60% of the additional workload, and a moderate workload should be arranged to avoid overheating due to the long-term operation of the small roller.

Always check the appearance description, and stop checking in an abnormal way, without finding the cause. Issues shouldn’t stop until the operation is suspended.

Always check the location and quality of lubricants, hydraulic oil, coolant, brake fluid, and fuel (water), and pay special attention to the sealing performance of the entire small roller. If you find that the oil is too short, find the cause. At the same time, the smoothness of each smoothing point should be enhanced. It is recommended to add lubricating grease to slippery areas during each break-in (especially for special needs).

Adjust and tighten loose small roller components in time to avoid wear or loss of loose components.


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