After the asphalt mixture is paved, it enters the compaction process. Asphalt compaction is an important aspect of asphalt pavement construction, and it is a very important process. In the process of pavement compaction, it must be equipped with sufficient large-tonnage compaction equipment, and try to use the most advanced tandem vibratory roller.

The compaction of asphalt pavement generally includes the following aspects:

The initial pressure of the road surface, the re-pressure of the road surface, and the final pressure of the road surface.

1. Initial pressure of the road surface

The initial pressure is the primary link of road surface compaction. This link is generally carried out directly after the mixture is paved. Slow rolling 2-3 times, the temperature of the initial pressing link is generally kept between 110-140 degrees Celsius. Therefore, as long as the compaction equipment with relatively small tonnage can play a very good effect. Under normal circumstances, a 6-8-ton double-drum roller can be used.

In the process of rolling, the driving wheel should move forward at a constant speed, and when moving backward, it should move according to the rolling guide when moving forward. When the asphalt pavement is initially pressed, relevant technicians should check the smoothness and road crown of the road after the initial pressing, and correct any problems found immediately. If there is a phenomenon of shifting during the road surface rolling process, you can wait until the temperature becomes lower before rolling. If there are transverse cracks, you should check the cause and take corrective measures in time.

2. Recompression of the road surface

The recompression of the road surface is an important stage of the compaction process. The recompression is mainly to ensure the stable molding of the asphalt mixture. Therefore, the recompression process is generally carried out at high temperatures and immediately after the initial pressure process. Under normal circumstances, the temperature of the recompression link on the pavement should be kept at 120-130 degrees Celsius. Generally, the road surface is rolled by a two-wheel vibratory roller. The same method as the initial pressure can be used in the rolling method. The number of rolling times should be more than 6 times. Only in this way can the stability and firmness of the road surface be guaranteed.

3. Final pressure of asphalt pavement

Final pressing is the last step to eliminate wheel marks, and defects and ensure a better flatness of the surface. Since the final pressure needs to eliminate the unevenness left by the surface layer during the re-compacting process and ensure the smoothness of the road surface, the asphalt mixture also needs to be rolled at a relatively high but not too high rolling temperature. The temperature at the end of the final pressure should be greater than 90 degrees Celsius. In the link of final pressure on the pavement, the final pressure is usually carried out with a static double-wheel roller and should be carried out immediately after re-compacting, and the number of rolling times is 2 to 3 times.

Through the combination of initial pressure, re-pressure, and final pressure of the road surface, the smoothness, stability, and thickness of the asphalt pavement are guaranteed, and the overall quality of the asphalt pavement is improved.


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