Asphalt pavement regeneration

The regeneration process of asphalt pavement mainly includes:

①Spray softener on the aging asphalt pavement to soften the aged and brittle asphalt, and it is mostly used for the regeneration of penetration and surface treatment pavement;

② Dig out the aged old asphalt layer, crush it again, add “rejuvenator” if necessary to improve the quality of the asphalt, and add some new aggregates and asphalt, reprocess and reuse; this method can be crushed and mixed on the spot, It can also be concentrated in the factory for mixing, and the quality of those processed by the factory mixing heat method is better. The regeneration and reuse of old asphalt pavement materials can save asphalt, aggregates, and energy consumption, and reduce environmental pollution, which has attracted the attention and popularization of road construction departments in various countries.


Asphalt Roller Compactor

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