After mixing the asphalt mixture, the next step is to pave the asphalt mixture. In this link, the following important aspects should be paid attention to:


1. Basic Work of Asphalt Paving

Before laying asphalt on the pavement, the debris on the pavement base must be removed to ensure that the pavement base is dry and clean. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the rationality of the compactness and thickness of the base road surface, and lay an important prerequisite for asphalt paving. In the finishing of the basic road surface, problems such as potholes and looseness in the basic road surface should be rectified in time;


2. Carry out the sprinkling of asphalt for sticky layer and permeable layer.

In the construction process, in order to better ensure the bonding between the base layer and the surface layer, the surface of the base layer should be poured with 1.0-1.2kg/m2 of asphalt 5-8 hours before the paving of the surface layer. This is conducive to the mutual adhesion of the surface layer and the base layer. If the base layer of the pavement is cement concrete pavement or old asphalt pavement, in order to ensure the adhesion between the surface layer and the base layer, a layer of asphalt with relatively high viscosity should be sprayed on the old pavement;


3. Spread the asphalt mixture.

In the paving process of asphalt mixture, the process of asphalt mixture paver paving is that the automatic dump truck unloads the asphalt mixture into the paver hopper, and then passes through the chain conveyor according to the basic conditions of the asphalt pavement. Pass the mixture back to the spiral paver. As the paver continues to move forward, the spiral paver spreads the mixture evenly on the width of the paving belt. After the asphalt mixture is paved, it is then vibrated via Vibrating extrusion by a tamper, and finally leveling by a screed.


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