Classification Of Small Road Roller

As a representative model of construction machinery and equipment, small road roller is always busy on construction sites such as highways, bridges, and buildings. Because of its low price, small size, convenient maintenance, unique advantages, flexibility, multi-function, and high efficiency, it is very popular with users.

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Classification Of Small Road Roller By Work Mode

From the working mode, the small road roller can be divided into two types: static pressure roller and vibratory roller.


1. Static pressure roller

Static rollers can be divided into two types: tire rollers and drum rollers. The tire rollers include self-propelled tire rollers and towed rollers. Drum rollers include two-wheel and two-shaft rollers, and three-wheel and two-shaft rollers.

The static compaction roller is suitable for various compaction operations so that the rolled layer is deformed and compacted. It is divided into steel wheel type and tire type. The roller structure includes a smooth roller, groove roller, and sheep foot roller. The application of smooth rolling is very common, mainly used for road surface layer compaction. Using mechanical or hydraulic transmission can concentrate the force to compact the protruding parts, and the compaction flatness is high, which is suitable for the compaction of asphalt pavement.


2. Vibratory small road roller

There are five types of vibratory rollers: walk-behind vibratory rollers, ride-on vibratory rollers, tire-driven vibratory rollers (bumps, smooth wheels), two-wheel tandem vibratory rollers (articulated integral type), and trailing vibratory rollers.

The small vibratory roller is powered by an internal combustion engine and adopts mechanical transmission or hydraulic transmission. Generally front-wheel steering, good maneuverability, rear-wheel drive. In order to change the steering and rolling performance, an articulated steering structure and all-wheel drive should be adopted. The front wheel frame and frame are hinged to reduce body sway on uneven road surfaces. The rear wheel and the frame are rigidly connected. Hydraulic control is adopted, and the steering is controlled by a hydraulic cylinder. The front and rear rollers are equipped with scrapers to clean the adhesive on the rollers. It is also equipped with a water spray system, which is used to spray water on the rollers to prevent the adhesion of the asphalt mixture when the asphalt pavement is compacted. In order to increase the force, iron, sand, water, etc. can be added to the roller to increase the pressure.

① walk-behind road roller

Among them, the walk-behind road rollers include single-wheel walk-behind vibratory road rollers, and two-wheel walk-behind vibratory road rollers (also divided into heavy machinery, conventional machinery, and full hydraulic pressure).

Walk-behind road rollers are small mini-type road rollers, with wheel widths ranging from 60 to 70 cm. There are single-drum and double-drum styles to choose from. Most of them are used for compaction in narrow spaces such as bridge holes and grooves. It is also used for the compaction of garden landscapes, lawns, and other ground due to static grinding operations.


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② Ride-on vibratory roller

Include small ride-on rollers (0.8-ton type, featuring large front wheels and small rear wheels), 1-ton ride-on vibratory rollers, 1.5-ton ride-on vibratory rollers, 2-ton ride-on vibratory rollers, 3-ton ride-on vibratory rollers, 3.5 t ride-on vibratory rollers Tons of vibratory rollers, etc. (single-wheel vibration and double-wheel vibration and full hydraulic pressure are involved here). The fuselage is compact and easy to turn, and the compaction of the corners is not spared.

The all-hydraulic road roller is the favorite of the majority of construction team friends. The whole vehicle is equipped with a hydraulic system, which truly realizes the whole machine without wearing parts, hydraulic vibration, hydraulic walking, and hydraulic steering operations. The wheel width is 80 cm, with fast working speed and long service life.


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③Tire-driven vibratory rollers (bumps, smooth wheels)

Include rear-wheel-drive vibratory rollers and all-wheel-drive vibratory rollers.

The tire-type road roller adopts a hydraulic, hydraulic, or mechanical transmission system, single-axis or all-axis drive, and three-point support of wide-base tire articulated frame structure. The compaction process has a kneading effect so that the particles of the compacted layer are not damaged but embedded and evenly dense. It has good mobility and fast running speed so compaction of engineering cushions such as roads and airports often use them.

④Two-wheel tandem vibratory rollers

Include rear-wheel drive rear-wheel vibratory rollers, double-wheel drive rear-wheel vibratory rollers, and double-wheel drive double-wheel vibratory rollers. The twin drum design is ideal for the compaction of asphalt pavements.


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⑤ Trailing vibratory rollers

Include bump-trailing vibratory rollers, and smooth wheel trailing vibratory rollers.




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