Cleaning, Storage And Transport Of Road Rollers

1. Cleaning of the road rollers

After each operation of the road roller, the dirt and dust on it must be washed off. At this time, special attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the diesel engine, generator, starter motor, fuel injection pump, fuel injector, hydraulic pump, etc., as well as the appearance of the hydraulic pipeline. , these areas must be wiped clean with a dry, soft cloth.
If the road roller is parked for a long time, the water in the engine water tank must be released (in the cold weather in winter, it should be released after the work is completed every day). Carefully clean off the dirt and dust on the machine, scrub the outer surface of each part and all lubrication holes with kerosene and grease once, and apply butter or anti-rust glue to the exposed parts that are not painted.

2. Storage of road rollers

The road roller should be stored in a dry warehouse, and it is forbidden to store irrelevant items and gasoline. In case of parking in the open air on rainy days, the parking ground should be kept dry, and it must be covered with rain-proof cloth.

3. Transportation of road rollers

When transporting road rollers over short distances, the road rollers can choose to drive on their own at high speed according to road conditions. When transporting the road roller over long distances, the road roller should be transported by a flatbed trailer. During lifting and transportation, the safety locking device on the body should be used to lock the frame to prevent the body and the frame from rotating relative to each other. At the same time, the road roller should be firmly fixed on a flatbed trailer.



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