Colored Asphalt Pavement

The so-called colored asphalt concrete pavement refers to decolorized asphalt mixed with various colored stones, pigments, and additives at a specific temperature to prepare asphalt mixtures of various colors, which are then paved and rolled. Colored asphalt concrete pavement with a certain strength and road performance. Also known as colored asphalt pavement.

Colored asphalt pavement has been widely used in urban roads to beautify the city and induce traffic. The quality control of raw materials is the premise to ensure the construction quality of colored asphalt concrete surface course. Each batch of raw materials entering the site must be sampled and tested according to the variety and specification, and unqualified raw materials are strictly prohibited from entering the construction process.

The key to the construction of colored asphalt lies in the selection of raw materials and the design of the mix ratio. The key process of its construction is mixing and rolling, that is to say, the mixing time controls the amount of toner input and the mixing sequence and time. Rolling is fast; decolorized asphalt, pigments, and regional aggregates are used, the adhesion of acidic aggregates and asphalt is improved by adding an anti-stripping agent, cement is used instead of mineral powder to improve the water stability of asphalt mixture, etc. Technical measures have successfully prepared colored asphalt concrete.

Features of colored asphalt pavement

(1) It has good road performance. Under different temperatures and external environments, its high-temperature stability, water damage resistance, and durability are very good, and there is no deformation, peeling of asphalt film, etc., and it adheres to the base layer Good binding.

(2) It has bright and lasting color, does not fade, can withstand the high temperature of 77°C and low temperatures of -23°C, and is easy to maintain.

(3) It has a strong sound-absorbing function. When a car tire rolls on the road at high speed, it will not generate strong noise due to air compression, and it can also absorb other noise from the outside.

(4) It has good elasticity and flexibility, and has a good “foot feel”. It is most suitable for the elderly to walk, and it can also prevent slipping in winter. In addition, the color mainly comes from the color of the stone itself, and it will not cause great harm to the surrounding environment.


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