Double Drum Roller Vibrating Wheel

1 Feature of the vibrating wheel of a double drum roller

The double drum roller is a commonly used equipment in the last process of road compaction. It is the most ideal state when the vibrating wheel of the road roller is in full contact with the road surface so that a road surface with better flatness and compactness can be obtained, which can prolong the use of the road surface. life.
There are many technical parameters of the double-drum road roller, including the quality of the whole machine, the excitation force, and the vibration frequency. The machining quality of the inner hole and outer circle of the vibrating wheel and the reasonable matching technical parameters have an important influence on the compaction effect.

Double drum roller

2 The main processing methods of the vibrating wheel of double drum roller at present

The vibrating wheel of the double drum roller needs to be processed through a series of processes such as cylinder rolling, welding, boring, turning the end face (the double steel wheel also needs to turn the outer circle), drilling and tapping. At present, the vibrating wheel mainly adopts the first boring inner hole. , and then use the inner hole as the benchmark, use the mandrel tooling and clamping, and then turn the outer circle.

Since the vibrating wheel of the roller needs to be concentric with the inner hole, it takes a lot of time to align the boring hole. During boring machining, the outer circle is used as the benchmark. The roundness of the outer circle and the number of alignment points determine whether the centerline of the boring hole can be parallel to the generatrix of the outer circle. After the outer circle, the uneven wall thickness of the rim appears, which in turn affects the compaction effect of the vibrating wheel.

3. Analysis of machining characteristics of the vibrating wheel

Since the machining position of the inner hole of the sealing plate of the vibration wheel is more than 500mm away from the end face, the inside of the vibration wheel is a hollow structure and the wall thickness is generally ≤20mm, resulting in poor rigidity of the vibration wheel, so shrinkage deformation will occur after welding, resulting in processing during processing. The allowance is not uniform, there are problems such as low production efficiency and poor surface quality, and it is difficult to control.

There are two main factors that affect the processing wall thickness of the double steel wheel rim: one is the force factor. Since the inner support of the rim is far from the end face and the wall thickness is thin, under the action of external force on the outer circle of the car, there will be local Deformation; the second is the vibration factor. When turning the outer circle of the vibrating wheel, the radial cutting force acting on the outer circle will cause the tool to jump when the circularity of the vibrating wheel is poor, resulting in the poor surface quality of the vibrating wheel.


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