Factors Affecting Landfill Compaction

①The thickness of the garbage layer is the most important influencing factor. In order to obtain the maximum landfill compaction density, the garbage should be pushed into a thin layer no more than 0.6m thick. Generally speaking, the thicker the garbage layer is, the worse the compaction effect will be.

②The number of repeated walking times and the walking route of the compactor affect the landfill compaction density. When the number of compaction times reaches 3 to 5 times, a better effect can be obtained.


Landfill Compaction


③The size of the slope of the garbage push-fill affects the landfill compaction density. When the slope of the working face is controlled in the range of 1:5 to 1:6, a better compaction effect can be achieved.

④The moisture content of garbage affects the landfill compaction density. When the moisture content is about 50%, the compaction density reaches the maximum.


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