How can a small road roller drive straight

The first thing to do is to hold the steering wheel firmly. For the road rollers to go in a straight line, it must find two points on the car.

These two points can only be found by yourself, and then use these two points to determine your forward direction. If you remove one point, the road roller will not walk straight.

The road rollers are overlapped. Generally, the direction is straightened, and the road will be straightened naturally.

If possible, the overall program layout and modular programming can be carried out by using the PLC, the core controller of the roller’s linear travel and intelligent sprinkler, so that it can effectively control the related functions of the roller’s linear travel and intelligent sprinkler.

Road roller operating procedures

1. The roller can only be started when there are no obstacles and people on the front and back, left and right. It is strictly forbidden for migrant workers and other casual personnel to enjoy the shade or rest around the equipment.

2. The starting roller is confirmed to be normal after trial operation, and the working mechanism of brake and turn signal is in good condition, and the roller can be operated.

3. The tire pressure needs to be adjusted to the specified operating pressure range for the tire roller, and the pressure of each tire of the whole machine is the same.

4. Pay attention to the readings of each instrument during operation. If any abnormality is found, the cause must be found out and eliminated in time. It is strictly forbidden to work while sick.

5. For the initial pressure of the soft roadbed and the mountainside section, the construction site must be surveyed before the operation, and the road roller can only be driven into the operation after the safety is confirmed.

6. When the road roller is working close to the edge of the embankment, the necessary safety distance should be left according to the height of the embankment. When crushing the road near the mountain, it must be from the inside to the outside

7. When two or more road rollers are operating at the same time, the distance between the front and rear of the rollers shall not be less than 3m; when driving on the slope, the distance shall not be less than 20m.


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