How does a small road roller carry out pavement joint rolling?

We all know that small road rollers belong to the category of road equipment in construction machinery, and are widely used in the filling and compaction operations of large-scale engineering projects such as high-grade highways, railways, airport runways, dams, and stadiums. Semi-cohesive and cohesive soil, roadbed stabilized soil, and asphalt concrete pavement layer.

Next, I will explain in detail the skills of small road rollers for pavement joint rolling. I hope it will be helpful for everyone to understand and use this equipment.

With the gravity of the machine itself, the small road roller is suitable for various compaction operations, so that the rolled layer can be permanently deformed and compacted. As road repair equipment, small road rollers are divided into two types: steel wheel type and tire type. The following is the analysis of the pavement joint rolling skills of small road rollers.


pavement joint rolling


1. Horizontal seam rolling by a small road roller

For transverse seam rolling, the vibration mechanism should be disconnected at the beginning. At this time, most of the weight of the small road roller is supported on the old material, and only 100-20mm of the width of the main wheel of the small road roller is located on the new material, and then the small road roller moves laterally gradually. The vibrating mechanism can be turned on until the full wheel width enters the new material, and the vibration mechanism can only be turned on when the new material is about to enter, and the board can be used to drive the roller away from the laying layer.

2. Rolling of longitudinal seams:

Different types of road rollers can be used for rolling the joint between the hot material layer and the cold material layer, and the relative rolling methods are also different, but the rolling speed of the road roller should be low, and the joint surface should be clean. No loose particulate matter.

If a static wheel roller is used for rolling, at the beginning of rolling, most of the small roller should be supported on the cold material layer, and only the wheel width of 100-200mm should be pressed on the hot material for rolling and gradually pressed to the hot material.

If a vibratory roller is used for rolling, only 100-200mm of wheel width should be pressed on the cold material layer on the asphalt layer, followed by vibratory rolling.

The rolling method of the hot material layer and the hot material joint is to first compact the place about 200mm away from the center joint, and then compact the remaining mixed material belt in the middle.


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