How many times does the compactor roller compact the roadbed?

1. Rolling with a compactor roller is generally 6 to 12 times during construction. Different materials, different models of subgrade, different construction techniques, and different times of compaction.

2 Compact the roadbed and pavement base, the number of times of rolling is about 6-8 times; the number of times of rolling of the compacted stone pavement is about 6-10 times; the number of times of rolling of the compacted asphalt mixture pavement is about 8-12 times.

3 Rolling over and over again counts as one time. When rolling the roadbed, complete one compaction, at least twice each time.

Compactor Roller Operating Procedures:

1 When working, the compactor roller should be started first before it can start to vibrate, and the internal combustion engine should be set to a medium speed first, and then adjusted to a high speed.

2 When shifting and reversing, the engine should be stopped first, and the speed of the internal combustion engine should be reduced when shifting.

3 It is strictly forbidden for the roller to vibrate on solid ground.

4 When rolling the loose subgrade, it should be rolled 1-2 times without vibration first, and then vibrated and rolled.

5 When rolling, the vibration frequency should be consistent. For vibratory rollers that can be adjusted for you, the vibration frequency should be adjusted before the operation, and the vibration frequency should not be adjusted without vibration.

6 The adjustment of the reversing clutch, shock clutch, and brake should be carried out after the main clutch is disengaged.

7 When going up or downhill, you cannot use the fast gear. During sharp turns, including the articulated vibratory rollers rolling around in small turns, it is strictly forbidden to use the fast gear.

8. The compactor roller must not engage vibration when driving at high speed.


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