How to choose road rollers according to the type of pavement engineering

Anyone who is familiar with road rollers knows that there are many types of road rollers, such as walk-behind, small, medium, and large tonnages, and they are divided into steel wheels, light wheels, tires, and other styles. Next, we will analyze how to choose the appropriate specifications and models of road rollers according to the type of pavement engineering.


choose road rollers


1. For primary and secondary national trunk roads and roads dedicated to automobiles, large-scale vibratory rollers with a relatively high compaction capacity of 6-10t should be used; Equipped with a mobile and flexible vibratory roller of about 2t.

2. For cement concrete pavement, tire-driven tandem vibratory rollers can be used.

3. For asphalt concrete pavement, a full-drive vibratory roller should be selected.

4. For the bottom layer of high-grade pavement subgrade, it is best to use tire rollers or tire-driven vibratory rollers for compaction to obtain uniform compactness.

5. When repairing the road surface, a static action smooth wheel roller can be used.

6. Heavy-duty vibratory rollers should be used for slow-speed compaction of deep layers, and static-action rollers should be used for shallow layers.

7. For the compaction of clay, a bump compaction roller can be used for construction.

8. A road roller of less than 4.5 tons can be used for the initial compaction of compacting sidewalks and repairing black pavement, roadbed, and pavement.

9. The intermediate compaction of the roadbed and road surface and the final compaction of the proposed road surface can be completed with a 5-8 ton vibratory roller.

10. For the final compaction of gravel and crushed stone subgrades and asphalt concrete pavements, 10-14 tons or larger rollers can be used for construction to displace large blocks.


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