How to prevent frequent oil leakage failures of 12 T double-drum vibratory rollers

Once the 12-ton double drum vibratory roller has an oil leakage failure during use, it will not only lead to a decline in the rolling effect, pollute the environment, but also cause early wear and tear of other components. Although the failure of the 12-ton double-drum vibratory roller is inevitable, as long as we all take corresponding preventive measures, we can break down the hidden dangers one by one. Next, please follow our technicians to learn the following Content!


12T double-drum vibratory rollers


The main reasons for the oil leakage of the 12-ton double-drum vibratory roller are as follows:

1. The quality, material or workmanship of the product (accessory) is not good; there are problems in the structural design.

2. Improper assembly speed, dirty mating surface, damaged gasket, displacement or failure to install according to operating procedures.

3. Uneven tightening force of fastening nuts, broken wires or loose and falling off lead to work failure.

4. After long-term use, the sealing material wears too much, deteriorates due to aging, and becomes invalid due to deformation.

5. Too much lubricating oil is added, the oil level is too high or the wrong oil is added.


The measures to prevent oil leakage of the 12-ton double-drum vibratory roller are as follows:

1. Pay attention to the role of the gasket; the gasket between the parts of the road roller acts as a leak-proof seal. If the material, production quality and installation do not meet the technical specifications, the seal and leak-proof effect will not be achieved, and even accidents will occur, such as The oil pan or valve cover is not easy to compact due to the large contact area, resulting in oil leakage.

2. All kinds of fastening nuts on the car must be tightened according to the specified torque; if the gasket is too loose or not tight, the gasket will leak; if it is too tight, the metal around the screw hole will bulge or the thread will slip, causing oil leakage. In addition, if the oil drain screw plug of the oil pan is not tightened or loosened, it is easy to cause oil loss, and then the engine damage accident of “burning pad and shaft”.

3. Replace the failed oil seal in time; many moving parts (such as oil seals and O-rings) on the car will throw oil due to improper installation, misalignment between the journal and the edge of the oil seal, and deflection. Some oil seals will be damaged due to rubber Aging and loss of elasticity, if leakage is found, it should be updated in time.

4. Avoid blocking the one-way valve and vent valve; this will cause the temperature in the tank to rise, and the oil and gas will fill the entire space and cannot be discharged, which will increase the pressure in the tank and increase the consumption of lubricating oil and shorten the replacement cycle. Therefore, it is necessary to Vehicles are regularly inspected, dredged, and cleaned.


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