Hundreds of tons! This mine has been fully booked by SANY Group!

After a long journey of more than 5,000 kilometers, recently, a new batch of Sany SY980H excavators arrived in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, to participate in the construction of the largest copper mine in the country.

A local customer said that at present, if only counting the number of 100-ton large-scale equipment, Sany has more than 100 units in this mine. “The entire mine is almost full of Sany trucks.”

According to reports, in addition to the SY980H ultra-large excavator, the SKT105S wide-body truck that matches it also weighs 100 tons. Despite the biting cold wind in the mining area in December, the overall operation of the mining area has been greatly guaranteed under the contracted output of China’s “behemoths”.

According to the staff of Sany Central Asia Region, each batch of Sany equipment was put into production immediately, and the overall attendance rate was so high that it was too late to take a group photo.

According to reports, SY980H and SKT105S are currently the best-selling Chinese oversized excavator and wide-body vehicle products in overseas markets.

Customers said that compared with products of the same level, Sany excavators have 10% lower fuel consumption, Sany wide-body trucks have a 10% higher attendance rate than competing products, and maintenance costs are about 30% lower, which can be seen everywhere in Central Asia. .

In recent years, the rapid development of Sany’s overseas business is not only reflected in the increase in performance figures, but also in the increasing global recognition of high-end products.

The staff said that taking excavators as an example, the mainstream equipment exported by Sany in the past few years was mostly SY215 and SY365. In recent years, the equipment exported by Sany has become more and more advanced, and more in the form of system solutions. People really feel the accelerated rise of China’s equipment manufacturing.


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