Improving High Temperature Stability of Asphalt Mixture

The factors affecting the high-temperature stability of the asphalt mixture can be summarized as internal factors and external conditions. The internal factors are mainly reflected in the quality of the material itself, such as the amount of asphalt, the viscosity of the asphalt, the gradation of the aggregate, the size and shape of the aggregate, and the paving area of the asphalt mixture, etc.; while the external conditions mainly include climate conditions and Traffic conditions, when the external conditions are combined with the internal factors of the material itself, will have a comprehensive impact on the asphalt pavement. Measures to improve the high-temperature stability of asphalt mixture The rutting caused by the insufficient high-temperature stability of asphalt pavement not only affects the comfort and speed of driving but also affects the safety of driving. To improve the high-temperature stability of the asphalt mixture, corresponding measures should be taken for the following factors.


1. Materials:

① Aggregate:

High-quality aggregates should be the first choice for aggregates, especially the two-layer asphalt mixture on the surface. Hard, rough surfaces, broken catalysts and aggregates with particles close to cubes should be used.

② Asphalt binder:

Relevant studies suggest that, as far as the influence of asphalt on the high-temperature performance of the asphalt mixture is concerned, the influence of asphalt content may be more important than the influence of asphalt itself. It is beneficial to anti-rutting. When considering the anti-rutting factors, the gradation, the absorption of aggregates to asphalt, the cohesion between aggregates and asphalt, and the void ratio of the mixture should be considered comprehensively.


2. Design aspects:

① Grading:

Aggregate grading is also a very important factor affecting the high-temperature behavior of the asphalt mixture. Coarse grading has a better anti-rutting ability, but it is not easy to control, and the grading is too coarse, which will affect its high-temperature stability. In contrast, the anti-rutting performance of the densely graded asphalt mixture is more stable than that of the openly graded mixture.

② Mixture:

When designing the mixture, the design of the asphalt mixture can be consciously verified in the laboratory according to more heavy-duty vehicles, larger axle loads, and higher tire pressure.


Asphalt pavement construction should adopt different construction methods for different mixtures. In addition to grasping the quality of materials, there are two most important points: one is construction temperature, including mixing and paving temperature, etc.; The number of times of pressing should not be too much or too little, and the most satisfactory effect can be obtained by proper rolling.


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