Introduction Of Landfill Compactor

Landfill compactor is the compaction equipment of urban garbage sanitary landfill. The functions of leveling, crushing and compacting garbage are beneficial to saving land, protecting the environment and prolonging the service life of the landfill.

Traditional landfills do not use special compactors for compaction, mainly rely on natural settlement, and do not use relevant technical measures, which results in serious secondary pollution of landfills, such as contamination of groundwater sources and soil, mosquitoes and flies breed. The use of sanitary landfill technology and the use of landfill compactors for compaction can effectively solve the above problems, and because of the high density, the service life of the landfill can be increased. The landfill compactor uses its own weight to level the garbage, mashing and compacting, with 4 welded-bump compaction rollers and a dozer blade with grille at the front. The garbage compactor is mainly used for landfilling, leveling and compacting of various bulk garbage. It is a professional and necessary equipment for urban garbage landfills. For compaction operations, it can also be used as a fill compactor and a high-speed compactor.


landfill compactor


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