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Landfill Compactor Series YSL230/228/226/223/220

Landfill compactor is the compaction equipment of urban garbage sanitary landfill. The functions of leveling, crushing and compacting garbage are beneficial to saving land, protecting the environment and prolonging the service life of the landfill.

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1. Adopt Shangchai water-cooled supercharged diesel engine with a low-temperature starting device;

2. Hydraulic torque converter and power shift gearbox, four-wheel travel transmission;

3. Unique arrangement of long-life wear-resistant teeth, setting scraping teeth and cutting pliers to ensure clean teeth and prevent foreign matter from entanglement;

4. Centralized lubrication regularly lubricates and maintains key points, and sets up spraying mechanisms to prevent mosquito bites;

5. The frame-integrated rollover protection structure (ROPS), front and rear axle service brakes, and central parking brakes provide greater security;

6. The cab can be turned over, the three-door hood on both sides, the two-sided corridor, and the protective ladder are working, and the main transmission components are within reach.

7. Set up a car audio and video reversing monitoring system with an infrared night vision function, as well as a reversing buzzer, which greatly facilitates the driver’s driving and operation.

The Main Technical Parameters Of The Landfill Compactor

Machine quality /kg3000028000260002300020000
Rolled width /mm34303430343029102910
Driving speed km/h4.41/7.1/10.874.41/7.1/10.874.41/7.1/10.874.2/10.04.2/10.0
Maximum gradeability /%100100100100100
dozer height/width /mm1880×38001880×38001880×38001650×30001650×3000
Wheelbase /mm35003500350033503350
Ground clearance /mm490490490435435
Roller width (front/rear) /mm1195/9701195/9701195/9701040/8351040/835
Diameter of pinch roller (front/rear, outer teeth) /mm1620/16201620/16201620/16201500/15001500/1500
Number of teeth of pressure roller (front/rear)50/4050/4050/4050/4050/40
Engine modelSC9DK260G3SC9DK260G3SC9DK260G3SC8DK200G3SC8DK200G3
engine power /kW192192192147147
Dimensions (shovel) /mm8150×3800×38108150×3800×38108150×3800×38107355×3000×36007355×3000×3600
Dimensions (outside of front wheel) /mm8150×3400×38108150×3400×38108150×3400×38107355×2910×36007355×2910×3600

benefits of using landfill compactor

It can increase the useful life of the landfill by maximizing the amount of waste that can be placed in the minimal amount of space.

It can reduce settlement and maintain the stability of the garbage body by eliminating air pockets and uneven surfaces.

It can reduce the environmental impact of the landfill by containing leachate, reducing fire risk, and improving gas extraction.

It can decrease operational and labor costs by reducing the number of trips and fuel consumption.

It can improve safety and public image by creating a cleaner and more organized landfill.

How does a landfill compactor work?

A landfill compactor is a specialized earthmoving equipment that is designed to operate in waste. It has two main functions: to spread the waste evenly in layers over the landfill and to compact waste to reduce its volume and help stabilize the landfill.

A landfill compactor usually has a heavy steel drum or wheel with protrusions or teeth that shred and crush the waste as it passes over it. The compactor makes multiple passes over the waste to achieve a high density and a flat surface34. Some compactors also have blades or dozer attachments that can push and mix the waste before compacting it.

A landfill compactor can work on different types of waste, such as municipal solid waste, industrial waste, construction, demolition debris, etc. However, it should not be used on slopes with grades steeper than 25% for safety reasons

landfill compactor

Introduction Of Landfill Compactor

Landfill compactor is the compaction equipment of urban garbage sanitary landfill. The functions of leveling, crushing and compacting garbage are beneficial to saving land, protecting

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Landfill Compactors

Types of Municipal Landfill Compactors

Municipal solid landfill compactors can usually be divided into three-way combined compactors and horizontal compactors according to their structure. Among them, horizontal landfill compactors are

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