Many places in China legislate to ban “high-emission” machinery

From December 1st, China officially implemented the fourth stage of non-road mobile machinery emission standards nationwide. In order to practically implement the national “double carbon” commitment and further implement “energy saving and emission reduction”, many places have introduced measures and regulations for the prevention and control of exhaust pollution from non-road mobile machinery. Violation of the use of equipment that does not comply with emission standards will pay a price.

“High row” machinery will be difficult

It is understood that the “Jiangxi Provincial Regulations on the Prevention and Control of Exhaust Pollution from Non-road Mobile Machinery” has been officially implemented since December 1. Pollution prevention and control measures and regulations in Hebei, Zhejiang, Chongqing, and other places have also been implemented for a long time before this.

After the implementation of these “Regulations”, the non-road mobile machinery included in the key management catalog of exhaust pollution prevention and control shall be subject to unified code management, and the emission status of air pollutants shall be supervised and inspected. If the emission is not up to standard, it shall not be used. A fine of 500-5,000 yuan, or even more, will be imposed on the use of high-emission non-road mobile machinery in areas where “high emission” is prohibited. For example, in the same situation in Beijing, a fine of 50,000 to 100,000 yuan will be imposed!


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