Prevention And Treatment Of Asphalt Pavement Diseases

Aiming at the causes of asphalt pavement diseases, corresponding preventive measures are mainly taken from five aspects: construction materials, design, construction, maintenance, and traffic management.

The pavement structure design and thickness calculation can meet the strength and bearing capacity requirements of the asphalt pavement, and basically solve the problem of load-type cracks. As for how to avoid or reduce the occurrence of non-load-type cracks, it should be considered from two aspects of design and construction.


cracks in asphalt road


(1) Materials

Reasonably determine the asphalt pavement structure, the cracks of the asphalt pavement are mainly caused by the low-temperature shrinkage of the asphalt pavement itself. Select high-quality asphalt with low low-temperature stiffness, high ductility, poor temperature sensitivity, and low wax content, select mineral materials, accurately grade mineral materials for the asphalt surface layer, and rationally configure the mix ratio of asphalt mixture. Formulating asphalt mixture with excellent performance, controlling the amount of asphalt, and ensuring the excellent performance of asphalt mixture can effectively reduce cracks.


(2) Design aspects

When designing a semi-rigid pavement, on the premise that the stability meets the requirements, asphalt with a large penetration is preferred as the asphalt surface layer. Asphalt pavement adopts dense asphalt concrete. The appropriate thickness of the asphalt surface layer ensures that the semi-rigid base will generally not produce dry shrinkage cracks and temperature shrinkage cracks during use. Elaborately design and do a good job of geological survey in areas with complex terrain. Special attention should be paid to strengthening the foundation to prevent uneven settlement due to weak foundations. Use qualified filler to fill the roadbed, or fill the roadbed after treating the filler to ensure that the roadbed has sufficient strength and stability to ensure that the road surface has a stable surface. Foundation: Use semi-rigid materials with good erosion resistance, small drying, and temperature shrinkage coefficients, and high tensile strength as the base layer: use high-quality asphalt as the asphalt surface layer; on the premise that the stability meets the requirements, you should choose the penetration degree The larger bitumen is used as the asphalt surface course.


(3) Construction

Careful construction, select advanced construction technology and mechanical equipment, formulate a perfect construction plan, ensure that the degree of compaction meets the specification requirements, carry out soft foundation treatment in strict accordance with the design requirements, improve the construction quality of soft foundation treatment, and strictly control the construction rolling of semi-rigid base The water content of the mixture should not exceed the optimum water content required for compaction or be controlled within the allowable range of the construction specification; after the semi-rigid base layer is rolled and compacted. Timely curing is necessary to prevent cracks from being reflected on the surface layer, and to protect the water content of the mixture from loss; after the curing is over, the penetrating layer oil should be sprayed immediately, and the asphalt surface layer should be paved as soon as possible.


(4) Maintenance

Strict maintenance and management, and enhanced road surface cleaning, to ensure good drainage performance. Timely scientific treatment of cracks to avoid further expansion of the disease.


(5) Strengthen traffic management

Strengthen traffic management and restrict the passage of large and overloaded vehicles; during the continuous high-temperature period in summer, the operation and management unit can arrange for heavy vehicles to pass at night and early morning when the road surface temperature is low: prohibit excessive wear of studded tires on the road surface or impose stricter restrictions use.



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