asphalt roller compactor

We supply multiple models of Asphalt Compactor Roller: 290KG, 500KG, 600KG, 800KG, 1T, 1.7T, 3T, 3.5T, 4T, 6T, 8T, 10T and we offer multiple choices from full hydraulic rollers, walk-behind or ride-on vibratory rollers.

We provide a full spectrum of drum sizes, vibratory controls, and performance options for tar rollers. 

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Features Of Our asphalt roller compactor

Mature Technology

A high-performance multi-cylinder engine, the drive axle adopts the axle-transformer assembly, which has strong power, stable performance, high work efficiency, and wide application range

Convenient And Fast

Compact in structure, low in the center of gravity, flexible in action, convenient and fast, and generally can be transferred without any transportation equipment

Easy Operation

Steering operation is easy, safe, and reliable

Easy Maintenance

Small one-time investment, fast cost recovery, convenient maintenance, and low price of accessories

Multiple usage scenarios

asphalt roller compactor

Our asphalt roller compactor is fit for compaction projects of various stabilized soil and asphalt concrete materials. Ideal compaction equipment for industrial sites. And More economical and applicable for the backfill and compaction operations of roads, water conservancy construction, foundation treatment of real estate development and other small projects.

When you choose us,  you do not only get the world-class asphalt roller compactor but also you will get full support from us. We provide whole-process service and will give you customized solutions based on your condition.


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