Sheep Foot Roller Compactor

Sheep Foot Roller Compactor

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Sheep Foot Roller Compactor

The sheeps foot roller compactor is a kind of non-smooth roller. The sheep’s foot-like protrusion is higher than that of the bump roller, but its end surface area is smaller than that of the bump roller. When working, the weight of the rollers acts on the bedding layer through a row of sheep feet on the ground. Since the end surface of the sheep feet is small and the pressure is strong, the soil material directly under the end surface of the sheep feet is subject to great positive pressure. In the process of inserting and pulling out, lateral pressure is also applied to the soil, forming a rubbing effect on the soil, which can achieve better compaction effect.

Advantages Of sheepfoot roller compactor

The use of sheep foot roller compactor to compact the cohesive soil can not only obtain high-density soil, but also have the effect of crushing and compacting for the paving and filling materials containing unbreakable clods. For non-cohesive soils, excessive positive pressure and lateral pressure will easily cause the soil layer to loosen, making it difficult to compact.

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