Road Roller Battery Maintenance

1. The battery of the road roller would be used for a long time. For example, due to improper use and maintenance, it is common that the specific gravity of the electro-hydraulic is low, the voltage is extremely high when charging, and the voltage is extremely low when discharging, and white crystal particles are found outside the plate, forming the battery. “Salt acid” makes it unusable, and the acidified battery can return to normal after 1-2 charges with a small current.

2. Use an acid hydrometer to check the charge of the battery pack to see if the battery is fully charged. The specific gravity of the electrolyte should be 1.28 (15oC) when fully charged. If the specific gravity drops to 1.2, you should borrow another power supply for battery pack charging.

3. Under normal conditions, the generator of the diesel engine is enough to fully charge the battery, but in winter, the battery pack should be kept fully charged to avoid freezing.

4. In order to avoid hardening of the battery electrodes and the generation of sulfuric acid scale, the battery should not be in the discharge state for more than 24 hours. After charging, if it is not used temporarily, it should be charged once a week until the battery fully emits air bubbles.

5. The battery surface must always be kept clean. If there is dust or electrolyte flowing out, it is best to wipe it with a rag soaked in ammonium chloride alcohol or 10% ammonium sulfate solution.


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