Road roller development direction

1. Energy saving and emission reduction

So far, various energy-saving and environmental protection policies and measures have become the development trend of civilized life that we are familiar with. Energy conservation and emission reduction have penetrated into every part of life. How to save energy, reduce consumption, and reduce emissions during the entire life cycle of scrap is a concrete manifestation of implementing the scientific development concept in engineering construction and realizing sustainable development. Energy conservation and emission reduction will be a compulsory course for enterprises.

2. Combining with construction technology

Keeping up with the development needs of construction technology, the performance of product parameters is designed to meet the compaction requirements of base layer, sub-base layer and surface layer materials in various large-scale projects.

3. Product Intelligence

Collect soil parameters, establish a soil database, select appropriate excitation parameters based on online monitoring of soil parameters and compactness, and perform compaction quickly and effectively, and can also realize unmanned remote operation.

At present, road roller products in the world have entered the electronic and information age. With the rapid development of high technology such as microelectronics technology, automatic control technology, and computer technology, compaction process monitoring technology, computer simulation technology, automatic control technology, auxiliary selection technology, and intelligent New technologies such as chemical technology have begun to be applied to road roller products.

From the perspective of future development trends, the construction of the transportation construction industry in various countries will gradually develop in a more efficient and energy-saving direction. This puts forward higher requirements for manufacturers of road rollers. Oriented to continuously improve core competitiveness. Create high-performance, cost-effective, reliable, and safe products for users.


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