Road Roller Driving Precautions

  1. In the process of changing the driving direction of the road roller, the reversing handle should first be changed from the original forward or backward position to the neutral position. When the road roller is stopped, the handle can be pulled to the opposite position. It should be noted that it cannot be pulled in place at one time to prevent damage to the parts due to a sudden change of direction. When the roller is running at high speed, it must not turn immediately;
  2. When several road rollers are working at the same time, the distance between each other should be controlled at more than 3 meters to avoid collision and affect steering. At the same time, the phenomenon of long-distance continuous driving should be avoided, but due to the need for long-distance transfer, it is recommended to transport it to the construction site by a flatbed truck.
  3. During the vibration operation of the road roller, the throttle handle should be placed in the full-load position. When the engine speed is 2200 rpm, select the speed below 2 to operate the vibration switch.
  4. For single-steel tire-driven road roller, it is more suitable to be used in the road compaction operation of the base layer or sub-base layer, and it is not recommended to use surface lamination in real-time. During the actual operation, attention should be paid not to vibrate on the relatively hard construction ground to avoid damage to the vibrating bearing; at the same time, it is also strictly forbidden for the road roller to vibrate on the construction site, which can effectively avoid pressing the ground into a corrugated shape.
  5. During the mutual conversion process between the high and low amplitude of the road roller, it must stay for at least 1 to 2 minutes, and the switching operation can only be carried out after the vibration wheel stops.
  6. In the process of compaction of loose materials, static compaction should be performed 1 to 2 times first, and then vibratory compaction should be performed. During the vibration operation, attention should be paid to whether the roller has noise and smoke, especially whether the sound of the vibration wheel is normal. If there is an abnormal phenomenon, it must be stopped immediately, checked, and repaired.
  7. After the construction work of the road roller is completed, when it is necessary to stop, it cannot be stopped immediately, but the vibration switch should be turned off first. Depress the clutch, put the gear lever in neutral, and then release the clutch; pull the throttle handle, the speed of the roller engine is reduced to 800 rpm, and run for about 3 to 5 minutes to cool the engine down, then turn Turn the ignition key to the O position, cut off the circuit and stop.


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