Road Roller Hydraulic System Maintenance

1. Check whether the mounting bolts of the filter, valve, motor, oil pump, oil cylinder, etc. of the hydraulic system of the road roller are loose and whether there is oil leakage at each joint.

2. Observe the oil level gauge on the side of the fuel tank. When the hydraulic oil is too low, filtered hydraulic oil of the same brand should be added.

3. The hydraulic oil tank of the hydraulic system of the roller should be cleaned once every six months and the oil should be changed. When adding or changing oil, be careful not to mix impurities and dirt into the oil tank. The new oil added or changed must be filtered in advance.

4. No. 68 anti-wear hydraulic oil is used for hydraulic oil.

5. The hydraulic oil filter of the hydraulic system of the road roller should be cleaned or replaced after every 500 hours of use.


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