Road Roller Machine Transmission Maintenance

road roller machine

1. The gearbox of the road roller machine should be cleaned at least once a quarter. When cleaning, firstly in a hot state, stop and unscrew the oil drain plug on the side of the gearbox, release the lubricating oil in the box, then screw on the oil plug and fill the box with kerosene , start the diesel engine, make the gearbox run at low speed for 2-3 minutes, stop and drain the kerosene, clean the oil plug and screw it to the gearbox, (note: the kerosene must be cleaned up to prevent the lubricating oil from mixing with the residual kerosene and losing the lubricating effect ), and then add new lubricating oil until the oil level reaches the marking line on the dipstick.

2. No. 20 gear oil for the gearbox of the road roller machine.

3. It is necessary to check and adjust the positioning device of the speed change control mechanism and the reversing mechanism frequently to keep the gears in the proper position, so as to avoid the accident of dislocation.

4. Always pay attention to checking the leakage of each seal of the gearbox. If the seal is damaged, replace it in time.

5. Always check the connection bolts between the gearbox and the frame, and tighten them if necessary, so as not to loosen and fall off.


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