Road roller main clutch maintenance

1. In addition to adjusting its operating mechanism at any time, the main clutch of the road roller should also pay attention to checking and adjusting the ends of its three release levers to be in the same plane, and keep a certain gap (0.4-0.7 mm) between it and the release bearing.

2. When the main clutch is engaged and disengaged, it should be smooth and gentle, and no excessive force should be used. When the clutch is engaged, the clutch pedal must be returned to its original position to fully engage the clutch. Complete disengagement. When operating, the clutch must be prevented from being in a half-clutch and half-engagement state, so as not to burn the clutch.

3. Check the main clutch of the road roller frequently to avoid the surface of the friction plate and pressure plate from being contaminated with oil.


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