Small road rollers should consider the impact of the environment on construction to ensure work

At present, the construction of socialized roads requires mechanized development. In the process of mechanical development, how do you clear work when necessary? How do protect small rollers according to weather conditions?

1. Although the temperature is very high in the hot summer, what we need to do is not only the summer heat but also prevent a lot of time from entering the drum, working for a period of time, my rainy humid air will need to be cooled to prevent the engine from overheating.

2. When using a small load roller for a long time, it is necessary to clean the dust, clean the dust of the radiator, and use a 3-ton load roller to increase the heat dissipation of the radiator.

3. Strengthen the maintenance and maintenance of the cooling system. In order to check and tighten the fan belt frequently, these positions are easily damaged during use, so it needs to be strengthened. In the process of use, in the process of work, in order to prevent the blockage of obstacles, normal work is a relatively empty ordinary place, not a road roller, because we need to choose a more open place, there is no doubt. Small road rollers need to fully consider the impact of the environment on construction to ensure that our work results are more reasonable.


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