Specification for the use of double drum vibratory roller

The double drum vibratory roller is one of many road rollers. This type of roller is relatively simple to operate and relatively standardized to use. Although the double-drum vibratory roller has many advantages, if you want to make the best use of it, then we also need to master some specifications about the use of the equipment and some precautions for use.


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1. Specifications for the use of double drum vibratory roller:

1. During operation, the road roller should start first before it can start to vibrate, and the internal combustion engine should be at medium speed first, and then adjust to high speed.

2. Stop the engine first when shifting and reversing, and reduce the speed of the internal combustion engine when shifting.

3. It is strictly forbidden for the roller to vibrate on solid ground.

4. When rolling the soft roadbed, it should be rolled 1-2 times without vibration, and then vibrated and rolled.

5. When rolling, the vibration frequency should be consistent. For the adjustable double-drum vibratory roller, the vibration frequency should be adjusted before the operation, and the vibration frequency should not be adjusted without vibration.

6. The adjustment of the clutch, shock clutch, and brake of the reversing double-drum vibratory roller should be carried out after the main clutch is disengaged.

7. When going up and downhill, fast gears are not allowed. During sharp turns, including articulated double-drum vibratory rollers rolling around in small turns, fast gears are strictly prohibited.

8. The roller must not engage vibration when driving at high speed.

9. When stopping, the vibration should be stopped first, and then the reversing mechanism should be placed in the middle position, the transmission should be placed in neutral, the handbrake lever should be pulled up, and the internal combustion engine should be turned off after idling for a few minutes.

10. Other operation requirements shall comply with the regulations of static pressure rollers



2. Precautions for the rollers:

1. When the double drum vibratory roller is changing the driving speed, the main clutch or the reversing clutch must be disengaged first, so that the shifting handle can be pulled to perform the corresponding shifting.

2. When the road roller changes the driving direction, turn the reversing handle from the forward (backward) position to the neutral position, and then turn the handle to the backward (forward) position after the road roller has stopped stably, and it should be noted that it cannot be done once. Pull it into place, as this will cause some damage to the mechanism.


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