Technical Quality Status Of Compactor Machine

In highway construction, a compactor machine is a very important piece of equipment. No matter the subgrade, the ground base, base layer, and surface layer need to be well compacted to achieve a certain degree of compaction, improve the bearing capacity of the road, and prevent subsidence, moisture penetration, etc. With the rapid increase in traffic volume and the further development of highway construction, the construction department has put forward higher and higher requirements for compactor machines.

When a compactor machine is used for compaction, common problems are less than desired compactness and uneven surfaces. The compactness does not reach the expected value. First, the selected road roller is incompatible with the construction process used, and ultimately the expected compaction effect and productivity cannot be achieved. For example, the compaction of the foundation is too low, the selection of vibration parameters, the determination of the thickness of the auxiliary layer, the arrangement of the number of real sides, etc.; but the mechanical properties, structure, structure and physical parameters of the compacted material cannot be grasped, such as the relationship between the type of compacted material and the drum structure of the roller, the moisture content of the compacted material and its optimum difference in water content, etc. All of the above reasons will affect the compaction effect.

Generally, the compaction process should be determined through experiments. The steel wheel structure should be selected according to the properties of the compacted material, and the moisture content should be close to the optimum moisture content to ensure the desired compaction effect. Therefore, when the compaction effect is not good, first find the reasons from the above two aspects, which is generally not the problem of the roller itself.

The unevenness of the compacted surface is caused by the roller itself and the construction process. If the ellipse of the steel wheel is too large, ripples or even waves are prone to appear on the surface, especially for steel wheels without walking drive, this phenomenon is more prominent; If the compactness and water content of the auxiliary layer material before compaction are too large, waves are prone to appear during the compaction process; if the water content is too high and strong vibration is selected, waves and even flow phenomena often appear. It is generally believed that the larger the tonnage of the road roller, the better the degree of compaction. Therefore, enterprises pursue large-tonnage road rollers. However, it has been proved that the compaction effect of the oversized vibratory road roller is not good, and it is easy to overpressure and does not match the construction process. There are disadvantages.

The main quality problems of compactor machine products can be divided into two categories: one is related to the performance and reliability of the product, and the other is related to safety and environmental protection. The problems of product performance and reliability are mainly due to the backwardness of the enterprise design, manufacturing, and assembly process level, resulting in the performance parameters of the product cannot meet the design requirements. The big problem is that it is put on the market without inspection, and it is difficult for most construction units and users to detect, discover, or even inspect. Lifespan is reduced. Other types of safety and environmental protection issues are mainly the protection of personal safety, driving comfort, braking system, and noise. Implement relevant standards into product design, development, and manufacturing, and at the same time increase the publicity of safety and environmental protection standards. The research and implementation of standards are very important aspects for enterprises to become stronger and bigger.

The quality pursuit of consistency, reliability, and durability is the guarantee for realizing the technical performance of the roller. Achieving consistency is a prerequisite for improving reliability, and improving reliability can reflect the value of durability.



1. Consistency

Through the improvement of precise manufacturing equipment, correct, complete, complete and unified technical documents, a correct and effective quality assurance system, a well-trained team, and a good corporate culture, the level of consistency can be significantly improved.

2. Reliability

The reliability of the compactor machine is achieved by improving the reliability of the parts, not by the multi-system guarantee. The scientific combination of failure analysis and experimental verification is an important means and an effective way to improve reliability.

3. Durability

Durability is the product of design and verification. It is based on the theoretical basis of finite life design. A large number of load life coefficients, structural parameter life coefficients, material life coefficients, etc. need to be quoted. It is achieved by means of experimental verification. The extension of durability not only saves resources, but also creates greater value, and is an integral part of sustainable development.



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