The 90 cm 2 ton small road roller is a classic among small road rollers

When many construction masters on construction sites choose a road roller, either the road roller is too big to crush the foundation or the roadside stones beside the road, or the road roller is too small to reach the vibration pressure and the road surface is not compacted, so everyone wants to find one that says The vibratory road roller, which is not big or small, can do both big and small jobs.


A small road roller with a wheel width of 70 cm is suitable for general construction sites, but it may not be suitable for construction sites with large compacted areas and high requirements. We recommend customers to choose small road rollers with a wheel width of 90 cm and 1.8 tons. The 1-ton road roller has a wheel width of 90 cm, and the compaction width has also increased. The weight of the machine itself is acceptable, and the compaction strength is much better. Therefore, many customers do not buy large ones, but also have small ones. They will choose this 1.8-ton wheel width of 90 cm. cm small road roller.

Many road roller friends are worried about whether this kind of road roller can be operated by themselves. Here I can tell you responsibly that this kind of small road roller is usually very simple to operate, and has high practicability, and can do both large and small tasks. It is similar to driving a toy car in an amusement park, because it uses an imported variable plunger pump, stepless speed change, and one-button vibration, so no matter whether you have actual experience in operating small road rollers, you can operate this small road roller. It is very easy to use, generally A novice can fully master it within ten minutes of driving.


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