The construction of walk behind roller compactor in the rain can be safer by mastering the skills

Summer is a season when many pavement engineering construction teams have a headache. First, it is rainy in summer, and many times they have to work in the rain in order to meet the construction period. Second, it is environmental protection issue, and it is more troublesome to deal with all kinds of dust.

1. During the rainy season and flood period, the construction of the walk-behind roller compactor should be based on the local weather forecast and the specific conditions of the construction site, and do a good job in the relevant fortifications during the construction period, and do a good job in flood control and drainage.

2. During construction, whether it is rolling uphill or rolling downhill, the driving wheel of the walk-behind roller compactor should be behind. The advantage of this is that when going uphill, the rear-drive wheel can bear the driving force provided by the ramp and the machine itself, while the front wheel performs preliminary compaction on the road surface to withstand the larger shear force generated by the drive wheel. When going downhill, the impact force generated by the weight of the walk roller is offset by the braking of the driving wheel. Only the mixture rolled by the front wheel has the ability to support the rear driving wheel to generate shearing force.

3. Walk behind roller compactor during rainy season operations, because temporary rain shelters are erected according to conditions, construction should be suspended in case of storms during construction.

4. During the construction of the walk-behind roller compactor in the rainy season, flood control measures should be taken for the mechanical equipment and materials in the area that may be submerged by the flood. The construction personnel should make preparations for safe evacuation in advance to ensure the safety of people, machines, and materials.


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