The Main Fault Of The Vibratory Road Roller

In the road roller market, vibratory road rollers dominate. The faults of the vibratory road roller mainly include the following aspects:

1. Electrical failure

Electrical faults are common faults of vibratory road rollers, and most of them are minor faults, such as poor contact of dome light wires, damaged fuses, etc.

2. Sealing failure

The quality of sealing is a problem that has plagued the quality of domestic construction machinery products for many years, and the problem of leakage is also a common failure of road rollers.

3. The connector is loose

The looseness of the connecting parts is mostly caused by the loose bolts and nuts of the connecting parts.

By analyzing the reliability test data of the roller, some problems can be found:

Different manufacturers and different types of rollers have the same type of faults many times, and minor faults are the most frequent faults, and These types of faults can be effectively reduced, indicating that the manufacturer does not pay enough attention to the minor faults of the product.


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