The Twin Drum Roller In My Heart

1. Hard Power Of Twin Drum Roller


1.1 Stability/continuous workability

If the twin drum roller fails, it cannot be vibrated and rolled, which will affect the rolling capacity of the entire set of compaction equipment. At this time, only by slowing down the forward speed of the asphalt paver to ensure that the rolling capacity matches the system. After a similar failure occurs, it is generally required to end the construction of the day ahead of schedule and repair the machine.

In some conditions of rolling equipment combination, there may be only one double-drum road roller, and the impact of a failure at this time is fatal. On many occasions, the double-drum road roller can replace the rubber-tired road roller, but the rubber-tired road roller often cannot replace the double-drum road roller.

1.2 Exciting force of twin drum roller

The self-weight of the double-drum road roller and the exciting force generated by the vibration system should meet the requirements. For example, under the current working conditions, the compaction thickness may exceed 14cm at the position of some leveling layers or asphalt-treated gravel pavement, and the road roller must meet the above working conditions.

1.3 Vibration Mode

Various vibration modes are available: for example, it can meet the “high frequency, low amplitude” in the initial pressure stage; it can meet the relatively large amplitude in the recompression stage, etc.

1.4 Flexible operation

The twin drum roller needs to move forward and backward frequently during the working process. The settings of the bridge and the operation must be flexible, easy to observe, and easy to operate. The overall hydraulic system of the road roller needs to have a soft response, which means that when the front and rear reversing and vibration are turned on, there should be no emergency stop and sudden braking and excessive action, which will affect the smoothness.

1.5 Water spray capacity

The water spraying capacity must be coordinated with the working conditions; the water spraying amount is automatically controlled, so that it will not cause cooling due to too much, nor will it cause wheel sticking due to too little. It should have the function of intermittent water spraying, especially when the turn-back stops, it should have the function of stopping water spraying. The sprinkler and scraper mechanism of the double-drum roller should be easy to use, and the amount of sprinkler should be stable and controllable.

The water tank has the functions of filtering, self-cleaning, and anti-rust to prevent the rust water from spraying out and polluting the asphalt road.

1.6 Anti-collision capability of twin drum roller

The double-drum road roller is equipped with an anti-collision frame or an anti-collision warning device to prevent the personal safety of road workers from being endangered during the driving process of the road roller.

1.7 Intelligent Detection

Detects the temperature or compaction of the asphalt pavement to prevent overpressure.

1.8 Staggered wheels

The front wheel or rear wheel should be staggered by at least one round to ensure that the rolling of the edge will not leave some gaps due to the frame structure or the fork support structure so that the edge cannot be pressed.


2 Soft power


2.1 Cost-effective

Reasonable price and high-cost performance. Construction machinery is a production tool, and high-cost performance is an endogenous requirement.

2.2 After-sale service of the twin drum roller

Can respond to customer requirements in a timely manner and solve customer problems in a timely manner. Listening to customer suggestions, some upgrades can be done on the joint construction site.

2.3 Spare parts

The original spare parts are of reasonable character, or it is easy to find mature accessory parts in the market. The accessories have a long service life and shorten the distribution time of accessories. Repair and replacement are simple and easy.

2.4 Big Brands

The development of the brand takes a long time, with the precipitation of scientific and technological content.
The product line will not be easily cut off, resulting in no after-sales service.
It is easy to recruit operators who are familiar with the aircraft.

2.5 High residual value of equipment

Second-hand market equipment has a high residual value and a good value preservation rate.

The selection of road rollers mainly depends on which brand has more detailed workmanship, price advantage, better operating comfort, more modern appearance, and more harmonious product and actual use. Only perfect products can be made. The requirements for the twin drum roller on the construction site are simply: durable engine, wide field of vision, strong double-drum vibration, good sprinkler pump, and sprinkler nozzle, maneuverability, good maintenance, good repair, The water tank is easy to clean, the diesel tank is enough for 16 hours of diesel fuel, the construction lights are good at night, and the horn is loud enough.


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