Types Of Asphalt Pavement

Asphalt pavement refers to various types of road surfaces that are paved with road asphalt materials mixed with mineral materials. Asphalt binder improves the ability to pave aggregates to resist road damage from driving and natural factors, making the road smooth, less dusty, impermeable, and durable. Therefore, asphalt pavement is the most widely used high-grade pavement in road construction.

There are many classification methods for asphalt pavement, which can be divided according to different types of aggregates:

1) Tar sand

2) Asphalt soil

3) asphalt crushed (gravel) stone mixture, etc.

According to different types of asphalt materials:

1) Petroleum asphalt pavement

2) Coal tar asphalt pavement

3) Natural asphalt pavement

4) Residue road surface

However, the more common classification method is divided according to its construction method, technical quality, and use characteristics:

1) Asphalt concrete pavement

2) Factory-mixed asphalt macadam pavement

3) Asphalt penetration pavement

4) Road mix asphalt crushed (gravel) stone mixture pavement

5) Asphalt surface treatment road surface.


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