Types of Municipal Landfill Compactors

Municipal solid landfill compactors can usually be divided into three-way combined compactors and horizontal compactors according to their structure. Among them, horizontal landfill compactors are more common. According to the different places of use, it can be divided into the following three types:

(1) High-rise residential garbage compactor is a horizontal compactor, which continuously presses the garbage falling from the slideway into the container from the horizontal direction, and finally compacts the garbage and packs it into a bag for transportation.

(2) The principle of the compression type domestic garbage collector is basically similar to the above-mentioned residential compactor, but the main components include a compressor and a sealed garbage can. One garbage can is filled with compressed garbage and dragged away immediately, and the other is used. The rubbish bin is connected with the compressor and closed, and continues to contain rubbish.

(3) Compression garbage trucks are generally equipped with a hydraulic push plate in the front part of their closable garbage bins, which compress and unload the garbage that has been loaded by hydraulic pressure.

Landfill Compactors


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