Use characteristics and functional control requirements of vibratory rollers

As an important part of construction machinery, vibratory rollers play an indispensable role in municipal construction, transportation, and water conservancy.

The use characteristics of vibratory rollers: vibration, low speed, with rolling construction technology

Functional control requirements: vibration, walking, steering, braking and assist control.

As a construction machine whose main purpose is to increase the density of the working medium, the vibratory roller has the following characteristics.


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1. Use vibration to complete the compaction

The vibratory rollers make the soil particles in a high-frequency vibration state with its vibration load, and at the same time forms a force on the ground through the weight of the roller itself, forcing these particles to rearrange and compact. Vibratory compaction can affect the layup deeper and improve compaction efficiency.

2. Low working speed

The vibratory rolling speed of the double-drum vibratory roller is about 5km·h^-1, and the vibratory rolling speed of the single-drum vibratory roller is about 3km·h^-1.

3. Area compaction, reciprocating operation

With regional compaction as the goal, the running distance of the vibratory rollers is short, and each rolling road needs to be repeatedly rolled many times during rolling. So the operating conditions are repeated and the complexity is low. In order to ensure a seamless connection between different rolling roads, it is required to There is a rolling overlap, usually not less than 12cm.

4. The rolling process is fixed

The most critical measure of compaction is the degree of compaction. And the factors that affect the degree of compaction include the mechanical properties and water content of the filler, the loose thickness of the layup, and the strength of the bottom layer. With the best construction technology, the final result is guaranteed through process control during formal compaction. For road rollers, it is necessary to strictly implement the rolling construction process.

The traditional vibratory rollers’ function control includes vibration control, walking control, steering control, braking control, and other auxiliary controls. Such as the power supply of the whole machine, engine control, etc. Compared to cars, vibration control is unique to vibratory rollers.


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