What are the control devices of the walk behind roller?

The diesel engine and gasoline engine of the walk-behind small roller are Changchai, Changfa, and Honda engines, with superior performance and quality assurance, and a centrifugal clutch or electromagnetic clutch is used for continuously variable transmission. Today, the small road roller manufacturer will take you to understand what the main control device of the walk-behind roller refers to.


walk behind roller


The control device of the walk-behind roller mainly includes a fuel valve, engine switch, choke lever, and throttle lever. Among these control devices, the main function of the fuel valve is to control the passage between the fuel tank and the carburetor. After the small roller starts running, our engine will also run. We must turn the fuel valve to the open position. When the engine is not running, turn the fuel valve to the closed position in time. This method is mainly to prevent the carburetor from oil flowing inside and can also prevent some gasoline or diesel oil from leaking out. However, the simple control device of the small road roller is the switch of the engine, and the gasoline switch of the hand-held gasoline road roller controls the ignition system. To put it simply, it is to control the switch operation of the engine.

The choke lever and throttle lever of the walk-behind roller is mainly used to control the choke of the carburetor. We can increase the concentration of gasoline. When the engine starts, we need to open the choke lever. In order to better provide suitable fuel for the engine. It also provides suitable fuel for the machine. The main purpose of the throttle lever is to be able to control the speed of the engine. We need to adjust the speed of the appropriate engine during the operation of the walk-behind roller.

The control device of our small road roller is relatively simple. This is the simple product operation basis that the relevant operators of the road roller should understand. If you want to better operate the road roller for work, you need to understand some of the main functions of the various device components of the road roller. Only by doing some detailed understanding of the road roller can we better complete the related engineering work.


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