What is a road roller used for? Do I need a roller driver’s license to operate a roller?

In the construction of highway asphalt concrete pavement, the degree of compaction directly affects the smoothness and compactness of the asphalt pavement. Therefore, we should pay attention to the compaction work, and how to choose and operate the Luoyang road roller has become a problem we discussed together.

The construction of highway asphalt pavement is different from that of ordinary highways. It requires strong technology, comprehensive personnel quality, fast maintenance response, a high degree of mechanization, strict safety measures, and compaction quality of highway asphalt concrete.

It will directly affect the flatness and compactness. How to give full play to the application of FYEBOON road roller in the construction of highway asphalt pavement and ensure the quality is a problem that every technician should pay attention to. The compaction of asphalt is the latter process and also an important link, which will directly affect the flatness and compactness, especially the compactness.

Application of FB road roller:

(1) In the process of expressway construction, the main building materials are asphalt concrete, cement concrete, stabilized soil, and other road-building materials. In order to keep the particles of road construction materials in a compact state and increase the cohesion between particles, static and dynamic methods can be used to make them more compact. This compaction process has a substantial impact on improving the usable strength of road construction materials and overall buildings. They can all be done by the compaction of the Luoyang roller. The compaction effect is an important factor that directly affects the quality of the project. Therefore, special FB road rollers should be used to compact the roadbed and pavement to improve its strength, impermeability, and compactness, and prevent the settlement damage caused by rain and snow erosion and wheel action. Different Luoyang rollers should be selected for different purposes.

(2) The compaction of expressway materials is an important process in construction. On the basis of the correct selection of the compaction method, the use of compaction mechanical parameters, and compaction conditions, high-density properties of the material can be achieved. The compaction quality can be evaluated by the compaction degree index. In highway construction, heavy standard compaction is often used to determine optimum water content and maximum compaction. Optimum compaction is achieved when the surface contact stress of soil or other materials approaches below the optimum value.

The certificate of the roller is not a driver’s license, but an operating license. It should be I ssued by the labor department or agricultural machinery department, and the examination should be conducted at the institution that issued the operation certificate. FYEBOON road roller, also known as soil compactor, is a kind of road repairing equipment. It belongs to the category of road construction equipment in construction machinery and is widely used in the filling and compaction of large-scale engineering projects such as high-grade highways, railways, airport runways, dams, and stadiums.

It can roll sand, semi-viscous, cohesive soil, subgrade stabilized soil, and asphalt concrete pavement layer. Due to the gravity of the machine itself, the Luoyang road roller deforms and densifies the rolling layer, which is suitable for various compaction operations.


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