What is the difference between a single-drum roller and a double-drum roller?

The single steel wheel and the double steel wheel are suitable for different construction conditions respectively, and the double steel wheel is mainly suitable for the compaction of the surface layer or the compaction condition of a relatively thin layer.


double drum roller


1. Single drum vibratory roller

The single-drum vibratory roller has the characteristics of a large static linear load, deep compaction influence, and high operating efficiency. Pavement is suitable for compaction construction of earth and stone foundations such as roads, airports, embankment fill, seaport piers, dams, etc.


2. Double drum vibratory roller

The double-drum vibratory roller is mainly suitable for the compaction of asphalt concrete, RCC concrete and other road surfaces, and can also be used for the compaction of roadbeds, secondary roadbeds, stable layers, etc.

An iron tire road roller is a kind of compaction machine that relies on the gravity of the machine itself and uses special iron wheels to statically compact the layer material to increase the density of the working medium. It is widely used in the base layer and sub-base of various materials. The compaction operation of layer, filling, and asphalt surface layer; especially in the compaction operation of asphalt pavement, its unique flexible compaction function cannot be replaced by other compaction equipment, and it is the main machine for asphalt mixture recompression, and also Ideal compaction equipment for construction of high-grade roads, airports, ports, embankments, and industrial construction sites.


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