What should be paid attention to to ensure the construction safety of walk-behind small road rollers

Small walk-behind rollers are widely used in roads, railways, dams, airports, buildings, factories, residences, etc. So when we operate the road roller, in order to ensure the safety of construction, what should we pay attention to?

1. In addition to the scope of use mentioned above, where can a walk-behind roller be used?

1. Compaction of waste, ash, coal, and other bulk materials in cement plants.

2. Compaction of earth and stone with relatively wide water content.

3. Compaction of rock, clay, and expansive soil.

4. Flame retardant compaction of open-air coal seams.

2. The following points should be paid attention to when operating the walk-behind roller:

1. When changing the driving speed, the main clutch or the reversing clutch must be disengaged first, and then the shifting handle can be moved to shift.

2. When changing the driving direction of the walk-behind roller, the reversing handle must be moved from the forward (reverse) position to the neutral position first, and then the handle should be moved to the backward (forward) position after the roller stops stably. Do not pull it in place at one time, so as not to damage the parts due to a sudden change of driving direction.

3. During the operation of the walk-behind roller, if the reversing clutch or the starting clutch is found to be slipping, it should be stopped immediately and the main clutch should be separated; do not increase the accelerator, otherwise the clutch plate will be burned.

4. When compacting loose materials, it should go through 1~2 times of static pressure before vibrating rolling.

5. The starting or stopping of the vibration of the walk-behind roller should be carried out during operation to avoid damage to the road surface. It is strictly forbidden to start vibrating on the hard road, so as not to damage the vibration damping device or other parts.

6. High-speed gears can be used when making short-distance transitions on flat roads, but if the distance is long, other means of transportation must be used.

7. When going up and down the slope, you should change the low-speed gear in advance, and it is forbidden to go up and down the slope at high speed.

8. During the high-speed rolling operation, it is forbidden to start the vibration device.


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